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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

We are pulling our files. You do not value patiants or patiants time. You overbook and make us wait. It took three appointments to get my sons tooth fixed and hopefully now it is correct. The first time, the dentist spent 6 minutes, YES SIX MINUTES putting cap on and it last 45 minutes and we had to keep coming back. Incompetent. We started getting a home hygenist because you could not accommodate appointments for the four of in one trip. Multiple dentists and night hours and this was an ongoing issue. You do not value patiants and have we have received poor work in the past. We are pulling our files and we want not just the xrays. The files our medical files and we have paid very highly for repairs and that is our medical history. You are required to keep a copy then make a copy and have them ready to pick up by next Friday.

- Lynda T

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My daughter and I both had appointments today back to back. Both of us were very anxious and apprehensive due to bad experiences in the past. As soon as I walked in the staff and even the clients were great. They were friendly, kind, compassionate and I could tell they loved their jobs. I was allowed to go in with my daughter to make sure she was well and after the freezing was in the Dr. Sokary came out and told me how well she did. When it was my turn to go in, I was spoken to in a friendly, professional and caring tone. I wasn't the least bit afraid of what they were going to say, I hadn't been to the dentist in years, and the atmosphere and politeness from the Dental Assistant and Dr. Sokary was amazing. He thanked for coming in and making an effort to get my teeth looking the best. He actually asked me what one I wanted to do first. For a person who was filled with anxiety and apprehension I was certainly surprised from everyone there at the office. I can't wait to go back in December to start my new smile. Thank you to Dr. Sokary you and your staff for making this experience a great one.

- Terri-Lyn S

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