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In 10 years the dentists at Kawartha Dental Clinic have treated thousands of children in our in-house general anesthetic facility. This facility is managed by anesthesiologists Dr. Robert Hutton and Dr. Dave Hall, both from PRHC, plus their experienced nursing staff. It is so rewarding to safely solve the dental problems of so many children who because of age or temperament cannot be treated elsewhere.

Our entire staff is experienced in administering quality pediatric dental treatment in a caring and compassionate environment. We are proud of the service we provide to our community. In addition to pediatric dentistry, we administer I.V. sedation to apprehensive adults and oral sedation to difficult adolescents.

As you can appreciate it’s so much easier to deliver quality dental treatment using effective profound sedation rather than “fighting” it out in the chair. Although pediatric dentistry represents 80% of what we do, the dentists at Kawartha Dental Clinic also perform:

all under appropriate sedation.

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Who may benefit from these techniques?

Our Anesthesia Center section of our practice specializes in providing dental care to children who cannot be treated under conventional means. We are able to offer intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for these patients who might be indicated for this type of specialized dental care.

Every year, millions of people end up at their dentist requiring treatment for tooth decay and gum disease. With good dental education and a regular oral hygiene routine, many of these conditions and the suffering they cause can be prevented.

General anesthesia is an anesthetic management technique, which uses intravenous and/or inhalation agents to render a patient completely unconscious (asleep) for the dental procedure. We are equipped with:

  • a full-sized anesthesia machine
  • monitors
  • emergency drugs and equipment
  • and highly trained support personnel

During general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist providing the care monitors the patient using state-of-the-art machines. The anesthesiologist is present at all times until the patient has recovered and is ready to be discharged.

  • Infants
  • Children who are pre-cooperative or pre-communicative
  • Children who exhibit a high level of anxiety or apprehension
  • Children who have extensive dental needs
  • Children who have had a traumatic dental experience

Dental treatment under general anesthesia in the office is cost-effective and convenient compared to a hospital setting. By providing dental care under general anesthesia, all of the child’s treatment can usually be completed in one visit. This allows the child to experience minimal discomfort and to return in six months as a good dental patient.

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